Thrill Sessions: Townships

Thrill Sessions are back with Townships! Just like old times, The Thrill’s dashing Staff Writer Dan Rasch gives us a short essay about the group, while yours truly takes a whack at the video side of things. Don’t forget to stream/download all of their tracks after the jump!

Townships.”  A name whispered in hushed tones by the few who have witnessed the recent collaboration of James Plunkett ’13, Emma Lo ’15 and Adam Reed ’15, in all their folking glory. In our first Thrill Session of 2013, Townships plays us two tracks from their upcoming EP live from the Storer elevator.


Plunkett’s songwriting, imbued with the same lyrical fire we all know and love, has matured more and more with every project he takes on.  The Townships tunes are direct and expressive, peppered with delightful imagery but never without a real, human message at their core.  Lo & Reed, on violin and upright bass respectively, also lend their voices to some heavenly 3-part harmonies, chords that send shivers down your spine and then back up again.

They lent us a few exclusive tracks from their upcoming EP, which you are welcome to stream & download below.


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