Allstu Revu Vol. II



This lovely week in February has seen an avalanche of snow, heaps of lost coats and, of course, an onslaught of mail, albeit virtual. For the sake of “organization, classification, categorization” [paraphrased, with liberties, from Hedda Gabler], let’s trace some trends.

Things Lost at the Ganter: Kenyon’s first non-voluntary coat-swap.

A black Patagonia, how very idiosyncratic. A black Northface, revolutionary. “Unremarkable black down jacket.” Be remarkable, people! “Gold/green ombre michelin man”: finally, something distinctive. Beige cardigan, olive green beanie. Dark red circle scarf. Another black Patagonia. Zzzzzz. [Ed. — But seriously, if you find that beige cardigan, go right ahead and shoot an email to]

Starry-Eyed Subject Lines:

**Divorce** Discussion TODAY; Body Image Discussion Group **Change in Location**: The *Peer Counselors* LOVE their asterisks. Every serious subject needs a little whimsy, am I right?


GRANOLA: I just realized that o-l-a are the last three letters of “granola” AND it’s the company name. Clever.

BEYONCE: Oh. My. God. How did you know this would draw my attention? Paul says: “sorry i just rly thought allstu should acknowledge beyonce.” WE AGREE.

DID YOU SEE ME GET HIT BY A CAR? Stella Naulo needs your help! Are you prepared to do what is necessary to defeat evil?

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