Blog Off: Jackson v. Sanderson

We like to stay pretty competitive here at The Thrill, and a Blog Off is one way we can definitively prove that one of us is objectively a better blogger (dare we say, a better person).  So we leave it to you, the reader, to decide in a blind taste test who is really better as we square off on various topics.


A true meeting of the minds. (via

This week we have a marquee match-up of Mary Alice Jackson and Izzy Sanderson.  The topic? Off-Campus Study applications.

Blog A: The Off-Campus Study process is like applying to college without all of the support from your mom(s), dad(s), or guidance counselor. Of course you have to keep the “fit” of the program in mind, so I latched on to a program in a city that has nothing to do with anything I’m learning. My application was like trying to fit a square peg in a circle hole, not to mention that the decision to go abroad to an urban area is a ballsy move on my part because my sense of direction is akin to a cat trying to find its way out of a paper bag. Knowing this, you can only image my dismay upon seeing the initial OCS application. Should I use the word whom? Do I make lists? I need structure! Like I said. Cat in a bag. We’ll see how this goes once I have my meeting to be reviewed for approval by Kim Smith herself.

Blog B: One of the first questions asked on my OCS application was “How are you preparing for your off-campus study experience?” Well, great question, panel of OCS readers. I am preparing for my semester abroad by doing extensive research on my location of choice and discussing my impending abroad experience with anyone and everyone who comes my way…actually, to be completely honest with y’all, I am watching movies. This may sound like a completely unhelpful choice that is really just an excuse for me get in the fetal position and wear the stylin’ leopard print nightgown I recently acquired from Walmart, but that is just not giving me enough credit. I started with Chasing Liberty, a deeply underrated Mandy Moore film in which she travels abroad in Europe, finding freedom from her confining life as the president’s daughter and skydiving her way into falling in love. My personal favorite abroad film, and one that I intend to shape my experience after, is Mary-Kate and Ashley’s career-making movie Passport to Paris.  My abroad experience will be deemed a success only when I ride on the back of a moped, challenge the French Foreign Minister at a banquet, and befriend a dazzling French model. Honorable abroad movie mention: The Darjeeling Limited. This movie encompasses the spiritual abroad adventure I hope to have. I can already see myself buying a poisonous snake, losing a poisonous snake, and getting my shoes stolen at a monastery.

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