Dream Reading with A Psych Major

This is Freud. He probably analyzed dreams at some point...

This is Freud. He probably analyzed dreams at some point…

The Thrill is now opening its doors to the world of dreams. Do you dream? Are your dreams fascinating, frightening, or a little bit freaky? The Thrill wants to know about them, so that we can help you make sense of that hazy place known as dreamland. Send us your dreams and I will use my expertise (a strange interest in dreams, a shady website entitled whatyourdreamsmean.com, and my two-month-long profession as a psychology major) to give your dream symbolic meaning. 

This week’s dream is relatable, emotional, and a little bit scary.

Dear Izzy,

Last night I had a particularly graphic dream. It went as follows… 

I was on a boat off the coast of Ecuador, sailing through the Galapagos Islands. It was early in the morning and misty outside and I was wearing a trench-coat and a baseball cap.  I was standing by the edge of the boat, and I was afraid, but I couldn’t leave the edge. There was someone calling my name from inside the cabin, below deck, and I could hear them, but I had no voice to respond. Someone pushed me into the water, and there was a long and terrifying fall, but when I hit the water it was warm and soft and the sharks were dolphins coming to nuzzle me. And it was a really beautiful moment. When I rose to the surface, all of my teeth had fallen out and I was overwhelmed with fear and burst into tears. The boat was gone. I hope that you can make some sense out this.

Thanks, Dreamin in Ohio

Dear Dreamin in Ohio,

Wow, that was quite the compelling dream. A number of symbols stick out to me as significant. First off, the presence of the boat implies a desire to travel to far-off and exotic locales, while also representing the potential for rocky (a little boat humor) beginnings. The fact that you set sail in the morning represents the chance for a fresh start but the mist implies a shrouded destination and an unclear trajectory. The trench-coat and baseball cap imagery bring to my mind the idea that you feel hidden, maybe that you are presenting a false image of yourself to world. When you discuss standing on the edge of the boat, I believe that represents a big decision in your life that you are approaching with excitement but also with great amounts of fear. The voice calling you from below deck could represent a significant relationship that you have with someone that is discreet and that you feel unable to voice to the world (a secret lover perhaps…) The imagery of below deck could symbolize your inner consciousness that you feel you have lost touch with. Getting pushed in the water is a wake up call and the dolphin experience is a glimpse at your possible potential happiness. However, that future happiness is dismantled by the loss of your teeth, which my shady internet website defines as a loss of control and a feeling of helplessness. Regain that control and the dolphins will come again!

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  1. Dear Izzy,

    Every time I dream I wake up (some times violently) before I can remember my dream. Can you help?

    Dreamless in Gambier

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