What to Wear to an Old Kenyon/Ganter Party

Sweat. Lodge. Those are the two words I often use to describe the ambience of good, old-fashioned OK and Ganter Parties. How to dress for these special occasions can be challenge but here at The Thrill, we’ve got you covered.

1. Fabric Choice is the Key to Happiness.

Breathable. Fabrics. Say it with me. Cotton, Lycra, Gore-tex, etc…these are your BFFs. Layer them, love them. Layers are best when attending events at OK and Ganter. Why? You can take them off at your discretion. On a trendier note, simple Tanks and Cut-Outs can also be a great form of ventilation. If you’re a California Girl a la Katy Perry, you got this on lock. A Sheer Tank with printed skinnies and black Docs can be an on-trend Black and White option. Spice this up with a color by pairing this with a neon bralette or colored lip. For style inspiration, think Erin Wasson. For us traditional, East Coast Girls, i.e. preppy, nothing beats a classic, fit and flare dress, a la Blair Eadie. Pair this Camel on Black stripe with black tights, Bean Boots (Matches with the Camel color- Bean Boots can be trendy!) with a Bubble Necklace for a more dressed-up ensemble!

Here at The Thrill, we like to kick it Old School. In the spirit of the First Day of Kindergarten, please remember to write your name and number on any article of clothing you plan on removing during the evening. Thanks, Mom!

2. Don’t Wear Anything You Want Ruined, Stolen, or Sopping Wet from the Beer-Soaked Floor.

If you have a sentimental attachment to it, don’t wear it. Ever.

3. No One Cares About Your Shoes or Hair.

No amount of hair product will save your flat-ironed or blown-out tresses from the humidity that is The OK or Ganter Dance Floors. A slick top knot or chic braid are two, on-trend options. As for your feet, avoid contact with anything and everything that can be found on The OK and Ganter Dance Floors, i.e. closed-toe shoes. Beer Flats or Boots and now with the snow on the ground, Snow Boots. Wear shoes with traction- your Mom doesn’t want you sliding on the ice.

4. Above All Else, Comfort is the Most Important Thing.

Once, I attended an OK Party in a Patagonia Fleece Pull-Over, Jeggings, and Wallabees. If you’re having fun, your outfit is of no importance. Just focus on losing your shit when DJ ZArlia comes on for his set.

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