What Is “Pinterest” And Do I Need It?

No idea what this is. (via Pinterest.com)

No idea what this is. (via Pinterest.com)

So I was perusing the internet today (read: browsing Reddit/Wired/Facebook/Gawker) and I saw a whole bunch of posts about Pinterest. Don’t get me wrong, this was not the first time I had ever seen Pinterest (pretty sure every sophomore girl on the Thrill has one — which is everyone that works for the Thrill and me), but it was the first time I was ever curious about what the actual fuck it was. I was guessing some cross between Twitter and Tumblr. I was mostly correct. However, what I was totally incorrect about was the actual addictive quality of it. I already have pretty much every other form of social media (add me on LinkedIn!), so what was the harm in adding one more? So I logged on (using a fake name of course: Ethan Derrickson — although lately I’ve been thinking of changing to Randy Hawaiianson). Hilarity ensued.

The first thing they asked me about were my interests. Trying to make my new Pinterest page as awesome as I was I clicked Animals, Architecture, Men’s Fashion, Vintage Cars, and Book Covers (not sure why, but if I was ever asked by a stranger, while I don’t actually love most of these things, I think they make me sound more cultured than I am). Truth be told, if the buttons for: Monster Trucks, Robots that Fight, Pitchfork Reviews, Tallboys That Cost Under $2, and Sunglasses were an option I would have picked those.

Suddenly, I was whisked away to a page that had a bunch of pictures of things. They asked me to “pin” things to my “style board.” I have no idea still what this meant. However, like a trooper and a curious 8-year old, I started clicking on things. Except the funniest thing happened: I couldn’t stop. I needed to keep clicking on things that I liked. I really didn’t care that I had no idea where these pictures were going when I clicked “re-pin” (I do wonder though what the difference between the “like” and the “re-pin” button are, I mean, shouldn’t you “like” things you “re-pin”?).

As of right now this is what I have:

My "style board"

My “style board”

In summation: I still have no idea what I am doing on Pinterest. All I know is that it is wildly addictive for no real reason other than that I click stuff I like. Which is pretty much just like the rest of the internet. Definitely going to start searching for Monster trucks and Tallboys though … also planning my wedding (people do that on Pinterest right?). More updates to come on my exploration into whatever the hell Pinterest is.  Comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Also friend me on Pinterest (that’s a thing too right?).

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