The Monday Catch Up



No New York Times in Peirce this week.  Not sure what that is about. The Thrill is on it.

The lead story: No one really knows exactly what is going on in Syria as reports are coming infrequently.  The situation has become completely out of control as Damascus has become a battlefield.

Everything else:

Apparently the Grammy’s were last night.  Mumford and Sons took home Album of the Year and Fun. made it rain on stage.

The confirmation process for Chuck Hagel is becoming increasingly tense.

Tuesday night will be the President’s first State of the Union since being re-elected last November.

French and Malian troops clashed with Islamic extremists in Gao.

The long read: An article published in the New Republic looks into the socio-economic and racial trends of the Republican party.

The weather: Temperatures will stay above freezing this week.  It would appear that everyone is getting colds so any bit of warmer weather will help.  True to the Ohio February, it will remain partly cloudy throughout the week.

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  1. No mention of Christopher Dorner? Dude’s completely eluded the entire LAPD for almost a week now and there is a $1 million dollar reward out for him (completely unprecedented). Are we anticipating a reorganization of the LAPD in light of corruption allegations or are we going to see the first use of an unmanned aerial drone to bring down a fugitive US citizen on US soil? Come on, man; that is news!

    • I can’t believe I forgot about that either. One thing on the drone though, from what I’ve read I haven’t seen anything about using deadly force with a drone against him, only that he is being targeted and searched for with drones. Some of the commentary seems to have blown this aspect a little out of proportion.

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