10 o’clock List: Reasons It’s Difficult For Me to Write this 10 o’clock List

Writer’s block…I can’t come up with a caption for this…

For those of you who don’t know the inner-workings of the Kenyon Thrill, 10 o’clock lists usually are where writers are given the most freedom to write whatever their heart desires. And while this is good for other writers, I am often stuck with no ideas on what to write about. I solicit ideas from friends, family, other Thrill writers, random people I pass on Middle Path, and then start to write about those ideas. Then ideas I thought were great are then only decent, until I’m at this point. The post is due in a matter of hours, and I’m staring at a mostly blank Word document. So here it is, reasons it’s so difficult for me to write this 10 o’clock list:

  1. It’s due in 5 hours. It’s 5pm as I write this. Usually I start a few days in advance coming up with an idea, but for some reason, I just ran out of time. Well actually, I’ve just spent my time watching West Wing on Netflix instead of doing actual work. Still a worthy use of time in my opinion.
  2. Fear of backlash from the commenters. I think one of the most common accusations made against the Thrill is that we always just write about ourselves. Oh well.
  3. Fear of my editors. You’d think this would motivate me to actually start, but if I start a list and don’t finish it, who knows what would happen.
  4. The Internet is too distracting. I mean how can I be expected to actually accomplish anything when there is this and this and this. And this.
  5. Confession: unlike the majority of people at this school, I’m a fan of country music. In fact, I went to a country music festival for 4 days this summer. And right now I’m sitting in my room listening to country music, singing along, and completely unable to focus on my work. Not great for a work ethic, but hey, it’s uplifting (sometimes). You should give it a try.

And with that, I’m signing off. I’ve finished. Glad we could make it through this together. See you next time, where hopefully I will plan a little more in advance, and maybe turn off the music (although this is unlikely).

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