Dream Reading with A Psych Major


The Thrill is now opening its doors to the world of dreams. Do you dream? Are your dreams fascinating, frightening, or a little bit freaky? The Thrill wants to know about them, so that we can help you make sense of that hazy place known as dreamland. Send us your dreams and I will use my expertise (a strange interest in dreams, a shady website entitled whatyourdreamsmean.com, and my two-month-long profession as a psychology major) to give your dream symbolic meaning. 

Dear Izzy,

Last night I dreamed my teeth were falling out again. I’ve been having this dream a lot recently. This time I was at Kenyon (in that way that you know where you are in a dream, even though it looks nothing like the place does in real life) and I was in Peirce and trying to hold all my teeth in my mouth, but everyone was looking at me.
I think at some point I was tap-dancing – which is something I haven’t done since I was a little kid – there was definitely a lot happening where a lot of people were looking at me.
To keep everyone from finding out my teeth were falling out I ran out of Peirce, and hid all my teeth in the library. Instead of books there were only loose pieces of paper around, and when I picked one up, I couldn’t read it. What does it all mean?
Loose Tooth


Dear Loose Tooth,
Wow, that is quite the dream that you had. First off, as I discussed in last week’s dream analysis, dreaming that your teeth are falling out are either a sign of helplessness and a loss of control or of aggression. The fact that you were in a public place and trying to keep your teeth in means that you feel like you have lost control in an area of your life that is familiar and also quite public. An example of this could be a classroom type setting or feelings of helplessness within a friend group. When I looked up the symbol of tap-dancing on my shady dream reading website it stated that when you tap-dance in a dream it most likely implies that you feel that your life is chaotic and you need to get back on track. The fact that you used to dance as a child means that you feel disorientated and child-like. By running out of Peirce you are taking action and attempting to recalibrate yourself. Libraries symbolize a quest for knowledge and for answers so it is no surprise that you ended up there. The fact that all the books are missing implies an area of your life that you long to find answers to but there are only questions. Keep searching! The answers will come to you eventually, maybe in your next dream.

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