Liveblog: The 2013 NCAC Swimming and Diving Championships


I’m back again and live from the C.T. Branin Natatorium in lovely Canton, Ohio, bringing you all of the action from the final evening of the North Coast Athletic Conference Swimming and Diving championships. Heading into tonight, your Lords and Ladies both are in second place behind Denison University, and Anna Dunlavey and I will be here as the Lords and Ladies try to catch the Big Red. Follow all the action here, or watch the live video stream. We’re about to get underway, and the atmosphere here is already electric, with the cheers of fans and teams reverberating off the walls and creating something like an athletic aquatic twilight zone. Professor Timothy Shutt is at the microphone, the national anthem just rang true, and we’re about to get underway. Stay tuned for live results and commentary!

6:40 p.m.: The internet just went out, and in that time the first event of the evening, the women’s 1650-yard freestyle, began, with 3 Ladies participating: Mariah Williamson ’16 in lane 4, Syd Lindblom ’14 in lane 5, and Kiersten Bell ’13 in lane 6. More after the jump.

6:57: Williamson just broke records with her winning time of 16:49.21. Now for the men’s 1650 free. Two Lords will swim, Andrew Chevalier ’14 in lane 4 and Joseph Guilfoyle ’15 in lane 3.

7:13: Guilfoyle placed second in 15:49.24 behind Al Weik of Denison. Chevalier finished behind him in third with a time of 16:03.04.

7:17: Rachel Flinn ’14 is in lane 3 for the Ladies in Heat 2 of the final for the 200-yard backstroke.

7:20: Flinn finishes 4th. Three Ladies are in the third final heat, Jourdan Cline ’15 in lane 1, Celia Oberholzer ’15 in lane 5 and Hannah Cooper ’15 in lane 6.

7:23: Oberholzer finishes second, beating her best time by 7/10 of a second, with Cooper and Cline placing 4th and 5th, respectively.

7:30: Jon Rooker ’13 is in lane 4 for the 3rd heat of the men’s 200-yard backstroke final. He placed 3rd behind two Denison swimmers. Here’s where the team scores stand:

Men: Denison 1280 , Lords 1147

Women: Denison 1352, Ladies 1330

7:38: Wow I forget how fast swim meets run. The swimmers just fly through the water like the wind. Haley Townsend ’16 won the women’s 100-yard free, with Hilary Yarosh ’14 placing 6th and Kate Haller ’13 and Anna Connolly ’13 placing 10th and 11th, respectively.

7:43: In the men’s 100-free, the Lords dominated, with Curtis Ramsey ’13, Ian Stewart-Bates ’13 and Ian Richardson ’14 placing first, second and third, respectively. Austin Caldwell ’15 placed 5th, with Percy Gates ’16 and Wes Manz ’15 behind him in 8th and 17th, respectively.

Ian Stewart-Bates '13 and Curtis Ramsey '13 celebrate after the 100-yard freestyle.

Ian Stewart-Bates ’13 and Curtis Ramsey ’13 celebrate after the 100-yard freestyle.

7:50: The women’s 200-yard breaststroke is done, with Hailey Schneider ’14 placing 4th and Hannah Lobb ’16 placing 6th.

7:56: Both the Lords and the Ladies remain in second place behind Denison with roughly four events remaining in the evening.

8:00: The men’s 200-yard breaststroke just finished, with Alex Beckwith ’14 placing 4th, Mark Newell ’16 placing 8th and Daniel Jurgens ’16 placing 14th. In the meantime, the women’s 200-yard butterfly is underway, and three Ladies will participate in the third heat.

8:03: I keep getting distracted by the divers practicing. They’re all flipping through the air and making me wish I could do stuff like that, instead of tripping over my own two feet every time I walk….

8:11: It’s no surprise that Hannah Saiz ’13 completely owned the women’s 200-yard butterfly, finishing first with a time of 1:58.98 (a little slower than her record-breaking time of 1:57.32 in the preliminaries this morning). Natalie Parker ’16 and Meaghan McLaughlin ’15 also placed in the event, finishing 6th and 7th, respectively.

8:14: The Kenyon fans here have been very vocal, despite the fact that they’re surrounded by a sea of red that includes Denison, Wittenberg University and Wabash College.


8:18The men’s 200-yard butterfly also ended, with Nick Charriez ’13 placing 2nd, Christopher Josephson ’16 4th, Jacob Hegge ’15 6th and Kevin Magee ’15 8th. The finals for the men’s 3-meter diving will begin shortly, followed by the final two events of the evening, the men’s and women’s 400-yard freestyle relays.

8:33: Midway through the diving break, Denison still leads the Lords and Ladies in the standings:

Men: Denison 1514, Lords 1451

Women: Denison 1590, Ladies 1548

8:54: The final women’s event of the night, the 400-yard freestyle relay, is over, with the Ladies placing second behind Denison by 6/10 of a second, meaning that the Big Red will win conference again, beating the Ladies 1654-1604.

8:57: The final event overall, the men’s 400-yard freestyle relay, is underway and the Lords are killing it and the purple people are on their feet (and so am I, typing while standing on a plastic bleacher is damn hard I tell you!)! GO LORDS!!!

9:01: No surprise, the Lords won it in 2:56.77, with Denison and DePauw University coming in second and third, respectively. And with that, the scoring is done and the Big Red have once again beaten the Lords and Ladies for the North Coast Athletic Conference title. The final scores are:

Men: Denison 1704, Kenyon 1515, DePauw 987

Women: Denison 1654, Kenyon 1604, DePauw 904

Thanks for following along (if you did) and have a pleasant Saturday night from Canton.

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