10 o’clock list: Music Video Dances I Wish I Could Do

This is not really a music video, but I’m in love with it. I would be complete if I could do this dance.

I was that extremely uncoordinated kid who was always pushed out of the circle of dancing thirteen year-olds at bar mitzvahs (I know, it was sad). Aside from doing interpretive dances with my sister, I keep my dancing dreams in my head. I used to watch Footloose (the Kevin Bacon one) and imagine that I could be like Willard who learns to be an amazing dancer by the end of the movie – it’s truly inspiring. But it just never happened for me…maybe someday. Not only are these dance moves I wish I could physically do, but I wish I wouldn’t look like a fool if I could actually learn them. I mean, I realize I’m already a fool, but I try to rein it in when possible.

1. Wild Belle, “It’s Too Late”: As of this morning, I’m completely obsessed with Wild Belle. I’m working on her understated, psychedelic dance moves. The bell-bottoms will come later.

2. Robyn, “Call Your Girlfriend”: After the original came out, and then the Erato version, and then the a cappella version of this song, I really cannot listen to “Call Your Girlfriend” anymore. But I still shamelessly watch Robyn dancing on mute while I seethe with envy.

3. Usher, “Yeah!”: The jeans. The baseball cap. I feel like this guy just came out of the womb moving like a pro.

4. Macklemore, “And We Danced”: I have a really intense love for Macklemore; I cried when he recently got engaged to his girlfriend of seven years. This was the video that got me hooked, with him in that perfect silver jumpsuit.

5. Lady Gaga, “Bad Romance”: Yes, one of the most bizarre music videos. But I still have dreams of flash-mobbing with this dance in the middle of an Old Kenyon party.

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