Meet Your Bartender: Jake from the VI

We are currently trying to make more connections to the Gambier community at large, and what unites the Kenyon community more than the Village Inn? So without further ado, meet Jake.


Our lovely bartender Jake, who also reads the Thrill

What is your favorite cocktail to make? The Baby-maker.

Which is? A lot of alcohol and some lime juice.

What’s your favorite to drink? The Baby-maker.

Least favorite cocktail to make? Dirty Martinis.

Weirdest conversation you’ve overheard? (Laughs) Man, it’s really hard to choose. I had a student come in an order a pitcher of beer, and we had a conversation about whether or not I could pour the pitcher back in the keg because he didn’t have the money for it and was not quite aware how kegs and CO2 work. So obviously the answer is no to that.

Can you tell if a student is underage or not based on how they are acting? I’d say 75% of the time yeah. Usually the ‘deer in the headlight’ look when they come to the bar, they look sort of like they’re out of their natural state. The other 25% I think are a little more worldly — they’ve maybe done it a few times, they look natural at it.

What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve seen a Kenyon student do? That depends on the night. There’s any number of times I’ve seen them, you know, getting sick in the bathroom.  I’d say one night a girl came in, she’d maybe been experimenting with some substances other than alcohol and was wearing her jacket and kept asking where her jacket was at the particular moment, and then she ended up rolling around on the floor a little bit.

What Professors come in the most? Oh my. Honestly, I’m only in on Saturdays I don’t see a lot of Professors on Saturdays. I think they’re more of a Friday Happy-Hour crowd. It used to be Demian.  He’s not here anymore, but he taught Physics I think.

Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers? I would have to say there are rules when you’re in a bar–like how to order properly when you’re here on a busy night. You know, don’t come to the bar and have your money in a wad. When you’re done drinking in a small bar like this you kind of have to bring your glasses back to the bar; otherwise I don’t have time to go collect them and wash them.  Be aware to tip your service staff.

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