Overheard at Kenyon, “I’m not gonna sociology people”

funny-picturesvia humor-in-photos-and-pictures.blogspot.com (hahaha).

We at the Thrill have very large ears, and they’re always lingering. I thought that I might have gone deaf after Black, White, and Red All Over last night, but I woke up this morning and could still hear a little. In celebration–and an intense need to procrastinate–I compiled some of your most embarrassing overheard moments:

Admiring guy: “You were a vodka queen last year.”

  • Sentimental girl: “I wish I still were.”

Man, after ordering a chocolate covered cherry mocha at Wiggin St.: “WHO’S not comfortable with his masculinity?!?!”

Newcomer to the pre-game: “Is that nail polish?”

  • Guy standing by the window: “No, it’s a vaporizer.”

For more of the embarrassing things you’ve said, read on!

Guy on his phone in lower Dempsey: “I mean I’m flattered but I’m too elegant for gay porn. Did you really think that was me?”

Disgusted girl: “No, I’m not drinking your face grease.”

  • Indignant boy: “It’s really not that gross.”
  • Disgusted girl: “It is just that gross.”

Sophomore girl, refusing to over-analyze people: “I’m not gonna sociology people.”

Curious first-year: “Is Google the same for everyone?”

  • Senior who’s thoughts are too complex to be understood: “Cookies.”

Junior girl admiring her life: “To buy a pretty dress and then get drunk at home? How great is that? What a pretty thing.”

Girl #1: “I need to change my underwear.”

  • Girl #2 goes toward her underwear drawer.
  • Girl #1: “Not your underwear!”

Junior girl in Olin trying to explain to her friend where she is sitting: “I’m sitting in the library. By the window facing sunshine cottage.”

Guy being hilarious Peirce: “You’re pretty. Pretty ugly.”

  • Slightly sad girl: “My brother used to say that to me all the time. It hurt my feelings.”
  • Slightly sad girl’s friend: “He’s a dick.”

Confused guy: “Do you have to be sober to do fieldwork?”

Guy in the KAC reading room: “I should really be reading about feminism in Turkey.”

  • Friend: “What does that even mean?”

Guy who probably won’t have kids: “Children are basically just adults on acid.”

Girl mid-epiphany: “You know what I’ve realized? The only time I for my migraines were the days after not drinking any alcohol.”

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