10 o’clock list: 5 February Fashion Statements

Sunglasses are always in season. (via carteblanche-x.com)

Sneakers shouldn’t be called “sneakers” because when you wear them, everyone knows what you’re doing. There’s really nothing sneaky about it. You’re clearly going to exercise. Anyway. At Kenyon, some of our clothing choices may not be the most fashion-forward, but they just have a way of working themselves into our lives as we muddle around this tiny little grass patch that we like to call Gambier. A better word for “Fashion” at Kenyon might be more like “Help, I’m Slipping,” especially since Middle Path has turned into an ice luge and it’s really every man for himself out there. Here are some examples of February outfits for you flippant fashionistas.

  1. KAC Clothes All Day – This person woke up in the morning and said “Meh, who needs clothes?” and opted for the convenient and comfortable sneakers/shorts/sweatshirt combination. This is also known as “that jerk who gets attention for exercising” if they don’t make it to the KAC in the end.
  2. Outdoors Hats Indoors – In middle school, you get detention for wearing a hat inside. But at Kenyon, wearing beanies inside is a trend and a statement. That statement might be, “my hair looks weird right now,” but you sure look cool in that hat.
  3.  T-Shirt and Shorts Kid – These are the people who wear short sleeves in long sleeves weather. You can describe them as “true northerners,” “true southerners,” or what you will, but regardless of what you call them, these kids spit in the face of winter by walking through the snow like every day is Send-Off weekend weather.
  4. Stilettos on Ice – You might expect from the name of this one that you’d be seeing your favorite Disney characters dancing around in the Ice-capades, but this weekend classic is actually just a description of Drunk Girls Walking Back From a Formal in Hard February.
  5. Boots. – In contrast to the Stilettos on Ice, this outfit is worn by prepared Middle Path walkers. These people could step on a live wire or snowshoe through New Hampshire without even thinking about it.

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