A Plea: We Need Your Dirty Questions

We will totally wear this sweater while we answer your questions

We will totally wear this sweater while we answer your questions.

As you may have observed last week, The Thrill has added a revamped feature to the books. We now have, for your reading pleasure, a wild and wonderful sex column. In order to make our sex column run swimmingly we need your questions. Ask us all of the burning questions that have been percolating in your minds. It can be freaky, fun, or frightening, or a combination of all three. Tell us your sexual hopes, dreams, and fears. We want to know it all! Once you have a question, thought, or anecdote, e-mail us at thekenyonthrill@gmail.com, or ask away anonymously in the comments. We can’t wait to hear from you.

30 responses

  1. i want to “hu” w my hookup on sunday. its weird because we are always both in olin at the same time so like how do we coordinate “hanging out” on a sunday? is that too far? i see ppl doing it. i dont know how to break that barrier. i am nervous.

  2. How can you tell the difference between someone giving you the sex eyes in Peirce or someone just looking at you? Really though.

    • Absolutely not. If you’re a guy, it means you’re doing your job and getting your girl off if she squirts. If you’re a girl, it means you’re incredibly in touch with your body and know what gets you off. Both are great things.

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