The Results Are In: Panini Press for Pope!

Tough break, Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco.

Tough break, Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco.

Send up the white smoke, because the people have spoken and it looks like once again, the almighty Peirce Panini Press is Kenyon’s leader of choice.Between taking over the Kenyon presidency and ascending Pope Benedict XVI’s heavenly throne, the Panini Press is going to have a pretty hectic business year: make sure to get your fill of pressed English muffins now, before His Holy Panininess is dispatched to the Vatican.

Honorable mention goes out to Colleen Damerell ’13 for the candidate photo she posted in the comment section of our pope poll —


The papacy is a controversial office, and we may all hold differing opinions about who’s best suited to fill it, but I think we can all unite behind His Holiness Pope Bam-Bam XVI , Archbishop of The Crozier Porch.

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