Uphill/Downhill: Kenyon Unique & Kenyon Internet

A week and a half to go before Spring break, get that paper done, study for that exam and just power through.

Uphill: Kenyon Unique — If you don’t know, Kenyon Unique is a lecture series that started this year that features Kenyon Professors. This weekend it will feature P.F. Kluge and I could not be more excited. As someone who has gotten to enjoy his off-the-cuff remarks for the last 2 years, I can guarantee this is going to be amazing. If you decide not to go at least reconsider based on this poster he deemed “bad-ass” and something the Bookstore should “keep up forever.”

Downhill: Kenyon Internet — I’m not sure if everyone is experiencing this but the internet has been WEAK for the past few days. How in the hell am I supposed to binge on episodes of House of Cards (which I finished by the way — email me your thoughts on the ending — seriously though) when there is no internet. I can’t even check Moodle (not that I do that often).  What am I supposed to do? Talk to people, like in person?

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