Social Board Announces Grouplove for 2013 Sendoff


Today we were greeted to this post in Peirce announcing the indie-rock outfit Grouplove for this years Summer Sendoff. True to rumors, the band was featured on the season 1 soundtrack for Girls.  Sadly, the Thrill could not get confirmation:

Check out the three singles from their debut album Never Trust a Happy Song after the break.

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  1. Big Boi was going to be a nearly impossible act to follow, but this is pretty underwhelming. Hopefully they’re just saving up money for Snoop Lion next year…

  2. oh for god’s sake people, quit your bitching. Do you want Sendoff at all? Then stop complaining every year and be at least marginally grateful for something that the school DOESN’T HAVE TO PUT ON FOR US.

    • For a school that costs 50,000, we have a right to complain a little. No one complained last year about Big Boi, because Social Board had their shit together (and worked with Horn?). Last year there was the controversy that it was moved to a friday, and people did bitch. But i’ll admit ,Social Board made the right move; in the end everyone loved it. However, now Sendoff is still on a friday, but the artist is way worse. The opener last year is better than our main performer. We have a right to complain so that Social Board fixes their act. I hope they’re pulling another group into the mix.

      • For a school that costs $50,000 but still struggles to provide decent financial aid and needs to outsource to maintain its shiny new buildings–well, we really shouldn’t be paying all this money to get Sendoff bands at all. Everyone’s drunk anyway, I’ve never understood why we can’t take that money out of the Social Board budget, put it where it can be spent responsibly, and just have student bands play Sendoff instead.

      • Unless something has changed, the money that funds Sendoff comes out of the student activities fee ($300 a year), so that’s why the College can’t take the money and put it into say, financial aid.

        There’s a separate point to be made that we shouldn’t have such a high student activities fee when our tuition is already so exorbitant or that we’re sending the wrong message by booking expensive bands while we grapple with how to most effectively manage our physical plant. But the idea that the tens of thousands of dollars that are spent on Sendoff each year could be put to use somewhere other than student activities isn’t reflective of budgetary reality.

      • ahh so if these is student activity money, we each are paying. And kendrick would’ve been sick, and universally appealing. Also to the people that argue we don’t need a concert, every college has an end of year party. Sure it’s not essential, but lets get real here. Even going to a liberal arts college is an expensive privilege. Where we draw the line between whats morally acceptable/pragmatic will never be universally agreed upon. But the fact of the matter is that we do each contribute 300 dollars to this show. And I just dont feel like Grouplove is representative of what most the students on campus would like. Thus we can be vocal about complaints. If we don’t complain how will anything be changed? After how amazing last year was, it’s sad that social board has slipped again. I just hope they get a second band a long the lines of like a starfucker, or rapper to bring some balance to this show.

    • Meanwhile, Kendrick Lamar and Steve Aoki are playing at Ohio University in two months. I think we all realize how privileged we are to go to Kenyon, but come on… I have to tell my friends back home that our one big concert last year was Big Boi, when most of them get big name artists almost every weekend. At a certain point complaining isn’t too irrational

      • also, OU has 35,000 students, which, and maybe I’m crazy, might just give them a little more money to spend. Once again, maybe there isn’t really a difference between 1600 and 35,000. I don’t know. I’m not a math major

    • Welp, were already spending all this money toward a sendoff band, so we shouldnt waste it on a shitty band group people dont like or want.

      • all the student activities money does not go to sendoff, also, the bands everyone wants are ridiculously priced and out of kenyon’s price range. we aren’t a huge university so we aren’t going to be able to get big acts every year…even if we could afford them they can decline the offer since we’re in the middle of no where.

  3. Why is the send-off band choice unilaterally decided by a small group of individuals? I’d like to see some voting ocurr next time.

  4. I’d rather we give $30,000 to the church to ring its bells for an hour than listen to this malarky. Christ on iceskates.

    • For everyone’s information, social board DID sent out emails asking the ENTIRE COLLEGE to give their input on a genre for Sendoff. TWO, actually, a second one because the board wasn’t thrilled with the results the first time, and actually WANTED a group like, say, I don’t know Kendrick Lamar, or Steve Aoki. They were sent out in the beginning of the year so that suggestions could be made and the artists agents could be contacted ASAP. So yeah, EVERYONE has had the opportunity to “vote,” to spend the $300 part of their tuition to get the type of artist he or she wants. Also if you really want your opinion to count maybe you should JOIN SOCIAL BOARD. They work hard to find an artist that everyone likes, devoting their time to entertain the varied people at this college. Stop complaining, it’s insulting.

      • people voted on the genre not the specific band. Even if the majority did vote for the “shitty indy pop” genre that classifies Grouplove, could we at least have had a better shitty indy pop band?

      • If you (assuming the writer is a member of social board) wanted Kendrick Lamar or Steve Aoki, you could have just fucking gotten one of them. Obviously Kenyon would have enjoyed Kendrick Lamar–using the excuse that “not enough people voted” does not help your case. (side note: do you think people ever read student infos? Two years ago we had a paper vote in Peirce that worked much better)

    • dude hipsters don’t even listen to this shit. Grouplove is played of top 40 stations. This is a half baked attempt to make hipsters happy, and shitty for the rest of the school as well. It’s sad cus people like Big Boi are universally accepted by everyone. He brought campus together. I think someone like Kendrick would have as well (not that we necessarily need a rap act). It’s a shame this is the group. But maybe we will still get a 2nd act (fingers crossed)


  6. Not everyone liked Big Boi, okay? Please don’t put him up on a pedestal and assume that he was universally liked by the whole campus. While, yes, I enjoyed Starfucker, Big Boi is really not my kind of artist at all and my friends didn’t like him much either.
    While I do agree the people arranging Sendoff should have sent out a survey with a list of artists to choose from like they did last year (although strangely I don’t think the ultimate selections were even on the list) I don’t think we should have rap/hip hop every year but change it up to make everyone happy.
    And, to be honest, it kinda sucked that Sendoff was not only on a Friday last year but that any semblance of activities besides the concert were nixed besides a lame photo booth, airbrush tattoos and dippin’ dots that ran out in 30 minutes (if the orange fencing that’s insultingly called a ‘Beer Garden’ wasn’t bad enough). If the band was excellent, I could excuse this, but Big Boi and Grouplove don’t fall under that category.
    Sendoff died. It died after my freshman year. I’m cringing to see what new low it will sink to my senior year.

    • Between Grouplove and Big Boi, I heard way less complaints compared to Grouplove and the infamous Rebolution. They should seriously just let Horn choose acts, now that Social Board has shown they’re not up to it. And yeah, new send off rules were bullshit. A shitty music act plus shitty friday rules is bogus

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