Faculty Rap Names: Your Professor’s Secret Past as a Straight-Up G


What/what/what/what? You thought your professors were some vanilla-ass intellectu-fools? Well you better think again because lil’ Sing Sing aka Sassy W might just be teaching your history of India class. And who knew Ragin’ C Mastastrangelove was coordinating your student activities? Now for a brief introduction to the underground rap community that you never knew we had.

Professor Rhodes: Soul Jesus aka R-attack

Professor Richeimer: Descartes-y Party aka Baby Richy

Professors Sun and Sacks: MC Sunny D featuring the Love Sack

Professors McCarthy and Suggs: Mista McMarxist presents Straight Suggin’ and the Proletarislutz.

Professors Leibowitz:  L Squad aka Politikal D-fiance

Professor Glandon: Glandon da Good Witch aka Flava G

Professor Heithaus: Dem Genes Patti Brickhaus

Professor Pack: Ice Pack aka Anthropolo-G

Professor Harrington: Mista Eco-nom-nom

President Nugent: Thug Nuggets aka Stealthy-booty

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