Catch the ‘Inspiration’ Bug with Shaka Smart ’99


Like most normal people, I generally ignore the ads that invade my viewing space on websites, especially sports websites. But there’s one ad that’s worth the time and deserves more than a fly’s worth of attention span. On, beneath the headlines, is a small purple box labeled “Infiniti Coaches’ Charity Challenge.” And, WHAT, Shaka Smart ’99, Virginia Commonwealth University’s head coach, appears to be winning this challenge? Well, let’s check it out!

The Infiniti Coaches’ Charity Challenge pits different NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball head coaches against each other to ultimately win a $100,000 donation to their charity of choice. Fans do the deciding, by voting for one coach in each of the four geographic regions. Regional voting runs until this Wednesday, Feb. 27, and as of right now, Smart and his charity, the Friends Association for Children, are winning the East with 42% of the vote. Seeing as how his closest competitor only has 22% and there’s minimal time left in the voting, he’s got a good shot to make it to the  next round. Final Four voting then runs from Feb. 27 to March 10, with the winner announced March 11.

So take a 5-minute breather from y’all’s midterm madness and participate in a happymaking kind of pre-March madness by voting for Smart and all the kids he hopes to help in central Virginia (and also watch March Madness, simply because it’s awesome).

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