You Should Tell Us Your Job Search Stories

If only it were that easy...

If only it were that easy…

Here’s what the numbers tell us about the job market for college graduates like the fresh-faced young adults who leave Kenyon every May: it’s tough out there. While Kenyon’s internal numbers paint a rosy picture of post-Hill prospects, the unemployment rate for people ages 20-24 is still 12.4%.

But numbers never tell the whole story, so we want you to fill in the blanks. Inspired by Gawker’s “Unemployment Stories,” The Thrill wants your tales from the job/summer internship market. We want to know about your triumphs, your anguishes, and everything that happens in between those two places. Then we’ll take the submissions and publish them here, potentially as a recurring installment if there’s enough interest. We’ll assume you want to publish anonymously, unless you tell us otherwise.

In order to keep this open to as many people as possible, we’ll accept stories from anyone at Kenyon who’s looking for a job right now — be it a summer gig or full blown employment — and recent graduates.

So take your eyes off of that cover letter for a second, and send you stories from the job hunt over to

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  1. It’s not that tough out there for us, specifically. I don’t know what the rate is for Kenyon grads (or 4-year college grads in general) under 24, but it’s definitely a lot lower than 12.4%. All those unemployed people with just a high school diploma pull it up a lot.

    • Employment can be working at McDonalds and having a shitty job. Also, having a college degree doesn’t guarantee a job as you suggest.

  2. seriously even the thrill is reminding us we need to find jobs!?!? ya’ll are supposed to help me procrastinate not make it worse….

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