Breaking: Kenyon E-mail Kerfuffle Erupts, Everyone’s Brain Explodes

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 8.41.49 PM

It started with an innocent plug for a campus-wide, CA-run game of Assassins. Then it became so much more. One might even say “too much more.”

Following in the proud tradition of NYU’s “Replyallcalypse 2012”, Kenyon currently has its very own piping-hot mess of a reply-all situation.  83 messages and counting.

No word yet on when the inbox fire will cease, but as of press time, this was the latest communique from the front lines —


18 responses

      • Whoa whoa! The hostility! What if that person hasn’t viewed such a webpage since the early 2000s? What if that person was just making a light reference to (admittedly often awful) internet culture in response to this ridiculous email chain?
        My goodness!

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