Terrifying Doll Discovered in Hillel Shortly Before Everyone Shat Their Pants

photo (77)

“Since this door was uncovered in ’93, I had to move the bodies. Do you want to find them?”

Last night, Andrew Pochter ’15 was rummaging around the basement in Hillel for reasons I did not care to inquire, and emerged with this doll he found in a box of feathers. Is this a clue to a decades-long mystery? What will they find when Hillel is knocked down this summer? What happened to its face? I’m sorry. I have to go now because staring at this picture is giving me a fear headache.

2 responses

  1. Confession: I once stole a North Face jacket. I woke up in Milks the morning after Sendoff and was so, so cold, and so disastrously hungover, that I grabbed the nearest jacket and lurched my way home to the quad. I think I took it back there some subsequent weekend and left it, hoping that the original owner would find it… but to whomever may have lost a black North Face (women’s medium) during Sendoff 2008, I’m really sorry. I owe you one.

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