Uphill/Downhill: Spring Break and Midterms

Well, it’s hump day again, and there’s only a few days before we have to leave.

Uphill: Spring Break — Honestly is there anything that I could have written here besides Spring Break? I mean, seriously? I am about to sit on a couch for two weeks and see people I haven’t seen since December (actually, now that I’m writing that, it doesn’t seem that long ago). My other favorite part about going home? I will not see one Keystone Light for two whole weeks.

Downhill: That Last Pesky Midterm — Don’t professors know that I have better things to do than study for their exams? They should know that I am meticulously planning out my Spring Break, packing my clothes, and creating my itinerary (read: Netflix Playlist). At least we have something that we can be working for, but honestly, it doesn’t feel worth it. Maybe I’ll just bomb the Midterm — it’s only, like, 35% of my grade.

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