Spring Break Travel Guide: NYC


This post was co-written by Olivia Grabar Sage and Sarah Cohen-Smith. 

After mid-terms, anything can really be a great escape from the old Gambeezy. And while racing sticks sure does sound like tons of fun, we’ll be kicking it back in New York over break. If you’re traveling to our hometown over the next two weeks, we’ve compiled a list of things to keep you occupied. Miles Purinton (’12) wrote a guide to New York for spring break last year, but we’ve got a few things to add! For starters, you really can’t miss the Derbytaunt Ball. It’s every angsty, rebellious teenage girl’s dream (Note: Not that we would know personally, we were definitely never angsty or rebellious), but everyone can have a blast. 

What to do?


For those of you who are over twenty-one, Bowlive is an annual event where you can bowl, drink some cocktails, and listen to some soul music, featuring Soulive. And if you happen to be interested in basketball or loud screaming crowds, the Knicks are playing the Miami Heat on March 3rd. Some other ideas:

  • Gotham Girls Roller Derby Derbytaunt Ball. Everyone should really start off their Spring break with the Gotham Girls Roller Derby Derbytaunt Ball. Even if you weren’t planning on visiting the city over break, I would say it’s worth it just for this. For those of you who have never seen roller derby before, just watch the Drew Barrymore movie, where Bliss learns all about roller derby–just like you will.
  • Brooklyn Flea and Beacon’s Closet. If you’re in the mood for some thrifty (by New York standards, anyway) shopping, check out Brooklyn Flea, which is full of super-alternative vendors from Williamsburg–but if you ignore all the people, there are some really great finds…like those hot pink bell bottoms you’ve always wanted, or a hand-painted rocking chair that will somehow fit in your dorm room and look stunning under all the Christmas lights. If your thrift-shop tolerance still hasn’t hit rock bottom, you may also want to check out Beacon’s Closet (but don’t try to sell your clothes because when they reject everything it will just make you pissy).
  • What Goes Around Comes Around is having a massive sale, according to an email I received from my best friend from home (THANK YOU). This sale promises “thousands of vintage items under $30″ so I’m really pumped. If you don’t feel like trekking to Brooklyn for your vintage, head down to the East Village (and we have some more good reasons to be there listed below!). I will probably see you there.
  • Baby Got Bach. This event is for 3-6 year-olds, but I just wanted to throw it out there.

What to eat?


  • Momofuku’s Fried Chicken Dinner. This is such a stunning experience that we can’t stop writing about it. If you’ve never been to Momofuku, be careful because you might cry before the deliciousness of the food. It’s a little pricy, but completely worth it. They are particularly famous for their fried chicken dinners, which you have to reserve in advance. But if you find yourself wandering around the Lower East Side without a fried chicken dinner, just stop by the Ssäm Bar for the most delicious pork buns you will ever eat.
  • While we’re on the topic of good fried chicken, if you happen to wander over to Brooklyn in search of good vintage finds (as mentioned above), make sure to stop at Pies n’ Thighs in Williamsburg. Their Chicken Biscuit – with hot sauce and honey butter  – absolutely must be tasted before you die.
  • If you’re not in a chicken mood, why not try S’MAC? This is a mac ‘n’ cheese restaurant. Nuf said.

Where to go?


Feeling adventurous? For $2.25, you can hop on the subway and ride around until you get bored. You can get off at any random stop, wander around, and find a falafel or an antique shop or a bike shop or any number of other cool things. Be smart and safe, and use your discretion!

2797130961_a376155420New York is a big city, and it can be a bit of a sensory overload sometimes. But don’t stress, there’s a lot to do outside of standard tourist fare, if you look carefully. Have fun!

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  1. Don’t make my mistake and fall asleep on the Coney Island bound F train–you’ll wake up confused and somehow without the wallet that was in your back pocket.

  2. There is a haitian kenyon alum named Lionel who has a booth at the Flea Market. He is super generous with all current Kenyon students!

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