Make it a Drinking Game: Dodgeball


It’s a Friday night and you and the home skillets are chillin’ in the dormi-glory waiting to get your freak on at the Audacious Old K, but you need a little boost before you can get yo’ swerve on.  Leave Beer Pong and Flip Cup to the fools, we got your night covered—old school. Put that kiddie-shit childhood to use for some new games:


Forget Beer Pong and your sissy-ass P.E. nightmares. Separate the men from the boys this weekend.

The rules:

–       Divide and Conquer: Separate the homies into two groups and back it up to the wall (preferably while singing Ludacris’ “Get Back” for some team spirit)

–       Make Your Turf Known: Establish the center line with a row of shot glasses (full) and pong balls

–       Make it Rain: Launch those bad boys like its D-Day

–       Man Down, Bottoms Up: Every time the other team pegs your bitch-ass, or when another team member kindly tags you back in the game, take a shot

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