Weekend ProTip: Clean Up Your Shit

Does your room look like this? You should probably clean it. Via flickr.com

This weekend’s ProTip is about maximizing time. And cleaning your shit. Of course this doesn’t apply as much if you are a neat-freak or your room is already clean. But let’s assume this is not the case (it’s not, for me).

It’s early Friday afternoon, you’re done with class, and the weekend has commenced. You don’t want to do any work (it’s Friday, who does work on Friday?) but it’s too early for the night to begin. What do you do? Clean your room. Find out why after the jump.

Your room needs it. Well, mine does, at least. There’s laundry on the floor, books and papers littered on the desk, and I should probably make my bed.

What else are you doing? Seriously, just do it.

Most importantly, it will make the end of your night better. Your night will probably end one of three ways: you will come back to your room sober and alone, you will return not-so-sober and alone, or you will return with a potential hook-up:

  • If you come back with a hook-up, you don’t want your mess getting in your way. Talk about a mood killer.
  • If you come back alone, but drunk, odds are you will make the mess worse if you haven’t cleaned already.
  • If you come back alone and sober, you deserve a clean room.

So clean your room. Happy Friday, y’all.

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