10 o’clock list: Awkward Situations We Brush Off as Normal

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It’s the start of a new week, with the potential for so much awkwardness. It’s inevitable in our daily lives, so, like any good student, we brush it off as normal. Check it out after the jump: awkward situations we brush off as normal.

  1. When there are only two people left at one of the giant circle tables in Peirce. Sure, there was a large group eating before, but now it’s just two. And everyone who can’t find a table stares in judgement at all the extra space at the table.
  2. When you see someone at a party who you vaguely know from class and strike up a conversation. “Oh, you’re in my Quest for Justice class! What did you think of last week’s Locke reading?” “Yea, I’m gonna go get a beer…”
  3. When a tour comes through your dorm on a Saturday morning. There’s nothing better than waking up Saturday morning, leaving your room to take a shower, and finding a group of high-schoolers with their parents, eagerly trying to get a look inside your room as you either run back and slam the door, or just pretend they’re not there and casually walk down the hall in your towel.
  4. When you run into a professor at the Market. Especially if it’s a Friday or Saturday night and you’re buying cases of Keystone for the night. You exchange awkward glances that say, “Let’s agree to forget this moment ever happened.”
  5. Running into Orientation friends. During Orientation, everyone has that friend or two (or twenty) that they thought would be their crew throughout Kenyon. However, as those magical few days came to an end, you all realized it would not last. Alas, you see each other frequently still, but now instead of speaking, you pass by and give a halfhearted “hi.” Or give a slight nod. Or just blatantly ignore each other.

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  1. Just remember your professor doesn’t particularly want to see you at the Market while buying three Kit Kats, Pringles, Preparation H, cat food, an impulse Fry Pie, and a bottle of bad wine, either.

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