My Elementary School Journal: A Kenyon Story Vol. III


Rachel Spraos ’14 and Michael Kengmana ’14 were in elementary school once, too.

In a lot of ways, elementary school isn’t so different from college. In my mind, I am still a kid running circles around potentially life-threatening 1990’s playground equipment until I pass out and come down from my Twinkie induced sugar-high. These journal entries show that Kenyon students were emotional little people in elementary school, very concerned about the future and everything that comes along with being a “teen” or grown-up.

Margaret Tucker ’15, Psychology Major & Anthropology Minor

"Cool! You are so cool when I look at myself I think of you."

“Cool! You are so cool when I look at myself I think of you.”

Margaret wanted to make sure that she wouldn’t forget her childhood principles once she became a teen:

Margaret Tucker

Dear Margaret,

If u still have this when u r a teen and hate Harrison, Mom + Dad – remember this:
U will always <3 them + they will always <3 u!

+ Don’t forget

Sarah Morgan Cohen-Smith (SMCS) ’14, Art Major


kid letter

“Last year I was going to [kentucky fried chicken]. I had the [biggest] meal I ever had it was so so so so so so good. I loved it “It’s [beautiful] like the sun!” I [cried] and it was!”

SMCS found the beauty in KFC that we may have been missing all along.

Dylan Kaye ’15 Psychology & Spanish Major

Dylan Kaye 12

Dylan was very concerned about the future. Thankfully, Future Dylan (Present Dylan?) was kind enough to write a response to his nine-year-old self.

20-year-old Dylan is a little more cynical than his hopeful 9-year-old self.

20-year-old Dylan offers some wise advice to his 9-year-old self.

Do you ever wish that you could respond to your hopeful 9-year-old self? Do you have anything like these entries that you want to share with us? E-mail The Thrill at!

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