The Gentleman’s Workout

It's helpful to imagine yourself as Don Draper.

It’s helpful to imagine yourself as Don Draper. Can’t beat that guys work ethic.

I have finally taken the time to codify the Gentleman’s Workout.  Upon further reflection I realized it is not that far off from the Spa KAC article written by my predecessor.  However, there are some small changes that are extremely noteworthy.

The workout begins with a little light stretching.  Probably the most important part of the workout (and the most workout-y).  However, considering the fact that I am not Jack LaLane, I have no idea what I am doing when I stretch so I usually just try and touch my toes and then do that windmill thing that we did in grade school before the giant parachute came out.

Light stretching is followed by a rousing game of Squash.  For those of you that don’t know, that’s the one with the little black ball, not the blue bouncy one.  Not being an expert in the game, it ends up being an hour long rally, a real triumph in athleticism.  Having watched YouTube videos of Squash, I would not exactly say that flailing arms count.

Now that the really hard part is over, it is now time for the 3-stage cool down.  Mind, Body, and Spirit. This stage of the workout begins in the Sauna, a place that if I wasn’t so lazy I would have pictures of me actually sweating my ass off, but alack, my KAC going experiences are limited (side note: I may not have been the best to assign this article to considering my lack of authority on the subject. Either that or I was an amazing pick because I am a KAC Idealist).  Following sweating out my troubles and sore muscles, it comes time for the Mind and Spirit stages which are constituted by Bloody Marys (or Screwdrivers?) and rousing conversation about International Affairs.*

When the workout is complete (and yes, the post-workout drink is part of the workout), commence your cigar smoking and get ready to face the day.

*This I imagine looks like a scene out of Around the World In 80 Days.

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