Do It Today: Harry Potter Day

snape angelina jolie

Step out in style on Harry Potter Day. Via

Alright Harry Pot-heads, today’s your day to shine. Whip out that wand, broom, and cape you’ve been hiding from your roommate since day one and saddle up—bitches headed to Hogwarts. Your Potter-filled plan:

10:00AM-8:00PM: Scavenger Hunt, Penny War, and Sorting. (Peirce Atrium) You don’t like scavenger hunts? Expecto PatroNOBODY CARES.

11:00AM-3:00PM: Harry Potter PB&J Wednesday. (The Gund Gallery) Make it a magical peanut butter jelly time.

4:00PM-6:00PM: Book Reading, Games, Coloring, Crafts, and Sorting. (Bookstore) Too cool for some old school fun? Snitch please.

5:00PM-8:00PM: Harry Potter Themed Dinner. (Peirce Dining Hall) If you’ve taken a more literal approach to being a Harry Pot-head you’ll be thrilled with this Hogwarts-style feast.

5:30PM: Olivander’s Wand Shop Opens. (Peirce Atrium) The verdict is still out as to what this really is, but it sounds like Potter just got hotter—if you know what I mean.

6:30PM: Costume Contest. (Peirce Great Hall) Witches be lookin’ fly tonight, so what better time to get your flirt on with your potential freaky-freak of the week? Try some thematic seduction like, “Girl you must be Neville because I like the look of your Longbottom” or, “That’s a nice sized wand you’ve got there.” But if subtlety’s not your thing… “Hey baby I’d like to Slytherin-to your Hufflepuff”, or “Oh you’re not Moaning Myrtle? We could change that if you Cedric Diggor-me.”

7:00PM: Book Discussion. (Bookstore) Because you probably never realized that Dobby the house elf is the 21st century proletariat.

9:00PM-11:00PM: Trivia, Food, Live Music, and Harry Potter Themed Menu Item. (The Village Inn). Get white-girl wasted on Butterbeer, but when you head back to the dorms to Whomp your Willow, be sure to use protection to avoid the Hogwarts.

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