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  1. we need to stop letting professors dominate the allstu fights. we can’t let them beat us at our own game, god damn it

  2. No mention of Charles Murray, an actual controversy on campus. Why does this blog exist? Why do you waste your lives here? Are you all just dreaming of going on to work for Gawker?

  3. Kenyon students are too young to understand how absurd it is that Charles Murray is coming to campus. His non-peer reviewed book, The Bell Curve, came out when we were all infants or toddlers. It wasn’t a great book then and it certainly can’t have aged well.

      • An opinion that relates race to i.q. – I’ve heard people do the same, social darwinists, eugenicists. I too am happy he’s coming to campus, now I can fuck his shit up. With all my friends too!

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