Kenyon Mythbusters (sorta): The Ascension Steps

It may be beautiful from above, but don’t let Ascension deceive you… (via

Aaaannnnddddd we’re back! Your fearless hosts Jack and Anna are here to present another great Kenyon myth. This week’s myth comes from one of the ever-flawless Thrill commenters. It’s about those steps outside Ascension. You know the ones: the awkward, too-large-but-not-large-enough steps that cause people to look like they’re trying to conquer the Great Wall. Rumor has it that the steps were designed to be easier to climb for women than for men.
We can’t say for sure how this would be accomplished, as it seems like someone of a certain height would have an equally difficult time regardless of gender. However, like any great researcher, we decided this must be proven! Due to scheduling conflicts (Anna had seminar during the only time Jack was free), we have yet to formally prove or disprove this myth. But alas, fear not, your bold and creative Mythbusters will be out on the frontiers of science as soon as possible (a.k.a. we’ll be the fools running up and down the steps sometime in the next few days). Sound off in the comments if you’ve ever tested this myth, or if there is another myth you want us to test. Check back next week for a full report on the Ascension steps.

5 responses

  1. Are McBride and Mather really riot proof? Basically, I require you to attempt to organize a riot in McBride and/or Mather.

  2. Now wait a minute. What year was Ascension built and those steps added? Maybe it was back when women wore dresses, especially Hobble dresses, which restricted leg movement. Just an idea….

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