Weekend ProTip: Plan Your Night Around Fast Food

They’re open until 1am. Maybe if you’re super nice, Peyton will deliver your pizza (via papajohns.com)

Yes it’s the weekend. Finally. This weekend’s ProTip is nice and short (partly because as I write this, it’s way later than I should be awake): plan out your night so you don’t get home too late to order the greasy late-night Fourth Meal you deserve.

I don’t mean plan what time you are going to go places (although that’s not necessarily a bad idea), I’m talking about knowing when you want to leave. Set a time with your friends, and plan to leave wherever you are to head home. If you plan on ordering food (in case you forgot this), remember what time everything closes at. Domino’s closes at 12:45am, Papa John’s at 1am, the Cove at 2am. On nights when I am determined to order a pizza, I set an alarm on my phone, and when it goes off I make a beeline for my dorm and order on the way. Just a suggestion. Stay safe this weekend, Happy Friday, y’all.

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