We Were Nominated for an Award


We at The Thrill like to share our accomplishments, our failings, and our general musings with all of you. In fact we have a pretty open book policy. With that sentiment we feel it is our duty and our self-indulgent pleasure to inform you that we have been nominated for The Student Organization of the Year Award. The Kenyon website defines this prize as a prestigious award that is given out to a student organization for its “outstanding accomplishments during the academic year.” In honor of ourselves we are going all out. Expect Oscar -worthy ensembles and tear jerking thank you/it sucks that we lost speeches. Keep your fingers crossed and your prayers with us on Tuesday afternoon as we await our fates. As always, it was an honor just to be nominated…

10 responses

  1. Where can we vote? In the Emmy/Nobel Prize worthy series “Scandal”, they rig voting machines in a small county in Ohio to get a President elected. What can be rigged to get the award for “The Thrill”???!!!

  2. it just speaks toward the sad state of affairs of our student organizations that the thrill could be nominated

  3. Uh, Christina Mastrangelo won “Advisor of the Year.” (Gee, do you think it was rigged?) I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be on a list with her. Ever.

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