Is This The Best Graffiti on Campus?


So THAT’S who’s been stealing our laptops.

Spotted on one of the anti-theft posters decorating the 3rd-floor Olin “quiet zone” — The Thrill cannot condone graffiti or other acts of vandalism, but unfortunately, that conflicts with our firm “Always Support All Things Nic Cage-Related” policy. Let’s all just agree that if you’re going to mess with posters, you may as well paste Nic Cage‘s face on them.

2 responses

  1. absolutely not. how dare you assume that this the best act of vandalism… have you looked around campus lately? maybe you should spend a little more time outside of the library.

  2. Why has Nic Cage’s head not been chalk graffited onto Mather yet? Is there a hotline where I can request this?

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