Project for Open Voices: New Publication Teaser


Over the past year, the Thrill has been spotlighting personal narratives from the Project for Open Voices’ first publication: now, we’re proud to present the Kenyon community with an exclusive excerpt from POV’s new publication, due out tomorrow, April 10th.

When I got to Kenyon, I had no expectations. To be honest, as soon as I got there I was only awaiting  junior year so I could leave and study-abroad elsewhere. While the why could be pretty interesting to read, I would prefer to focus on what happened once I lived at Kenyon for two years. I pretty much secluded myself from everything and focused on studying – that was the sole reason I was there anyways. I probably forgot more than once that I was there also to diversify the community. I was there so others could learn from me. I was there so others could engage with difference ‘cos I am different. I still have that brochure with me, it’s a pretty one. I was never sure how many people read that section though, or how many looked for the two paragraphs that talk about diversity on Kenyon’s website. I mean… why would anyone do it? That is why we have study-abroad programs, right?

To read the rest of this story and other accounts of the harsh realities of life at Kenyon, check out the Project for Open Voices’ new publication when it debuts tomorrow — make sure to grab a copy for yourself and pass it along to friends!

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