Where Was It Said: People’s Bank of Gambier or in Bed?

What better game to play on a warm spring day than one that makes you confused and uncomfortable? That’s right! It’s time for another round of Where Was It Said? This time, we’re taking a look at the People’s Bank of Gambier. So take off your coat and put on your thinking cap, and tell us, where was it said: In People’s Bank of Gambier or in bed?

I’d like to make a deposit.

Should we consider eliminating the penny?

I don’t think you can fit very many of us in here.

Does anyone even come in here?

Cash or check?

Yeah, I’d like to opt in for the 5% monthly increase.

Do you take traveller’s checks?

Would it be smarter to withdraw now or later?

Do you like when I touch you there?

I feel like I don’t recognize anyone in here.

Are we allowed to enter through the back door?

Is there a fee?

Do you need a pen?

Why do you need my e-mail address?

Is there any way I can just do this online?

Can I get this notarized?

Do you know how many people have touched this?

3 responses

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