Uphill/Downhill: Awards

Welp, that was a bust.

Uphill: High Hopes — I for one could not have been more excited for the 24th Annual Student Leadership Awards, where I thought the Thrill would pick up all the available prizes, including Greek Organization of the Year and Unsung Hero.  I would have felt like Adele when she won all those Grammys.  Or Beyonce, or whoever else won a hell of a lot of awards. Peter Jackson?

Downhill: My Crushing Sense of Defeat— I’m not going to lie, that loss hurt a hell of a lot.  It’s not for the reasons you all think (you know, recognition).  It is actually because I had already cleared off a space in my empty trophy room.  I also cleared a space around my neck to wear the plaque Flava Flav style.  It would have been the biggest party to hit this campus since Send-Off was invented.

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