Weekend Playlist: Partying ’90s Rap Style

Alright, here’s the deal. We are kickin’ it old skool this weekend, going all the way back to the ‘Crazy Nineties’. Not only that, but we’re going to give you some banging rap songs from the decade that saw the genre take over the country. Blast these from your boombox and pour some out for Tupac and Biggie, becuase shit’s about to go down.

Beastie Boys- No Sleep Till Brooklyn 

A lot of people would pick “Fight For Your Right to Party”, but I’m more partial to this Beastie Boys cut. Besides, it will give all you New Yorkers a little taste of home.

Sir Mix A Lot- Baby Got Back 

Besides having The Greatest Music Video Ever! (sorry, Kanye), this song is a classic banger that will get everyone in your room jumping around and screaming about their anaconda.

Wu Tang Clan- Bring Da Ruckus 

Ready to get rowdy? This is the song to put on as your weekend is hitting a fever pitch. Besides, I’m fairly certain that everyone in America is now part of the Wu Tang Clan. Call me MZA.

Notorious B.I.G.- Big Poppa 

This is the song where you begin to make your move on your crush. Be sure to invite them to your party, and when this song comes on. stare deeply into their eyes and say, “You can call me Big Poppa” (This won’t actually work).

A Tribe Called Quest- Excursions 

A little bit of a change up here from the jazz-rap oddballs of the Nineties. They’re a personal favorite of mine, so you’d better listen to this song.

2Pac- California Love 

The absolute apex of Nineties rap. Have a contest to see who can make their voice sound the most like the vocorded chorus. Tupac lives.

Salt N Pepa- Push It 

I freaking love the backing track to this song. Dun dun dun dun dun dun dundundun dun dun. That’s what it sounds like, mmm’kay?

Fresh Prince of Bel Air Theme Song- THE Will Smith 

The last song you listen to has to be one everyone will know. Nothing better than this fun little jam that has become a staple of Nick at Nite. Bonus points to whomever looks the most like Carlton.

One response

  1. Why not take it back a little further… to Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five… and PUBLIC ENEMY?! Now THAT was a rap band!!

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