10 o’clock list: Sexiest Sculptures on Campus


All around us, the days are getting more beautiful, the prospective students are swarming, and the freshmen are planning this weekend’s “shocking” outfits. However, some things never change, even as the seasons do.  The art around Kenyon is omnipresent, and frankly, kinda sexy. This week, I’m ranking the sexiest public artworks on campus.

  1. “Renaissance Man and Woman” by Charles Eugene Gagnon – The arch of the backs! It kills me every time I pass this sculpture way down behind Leonard. Underclassmen may not be aware, but this sculpture actually used to sit in front of what is now the Gund Gallery, near the president’s cottage, across from the church. I once found an excellent sombrero perched on the boy’s head.
  2. “La Montagne” by Aristide Maillol – Speaking of the Gund Gallery, this girl is fine! So bodacious, “The Mountain” is nothing like the bony renaissance girl. This sculpture is all about sensuality and curves.
  3. “Angels” by Carl Milles – These winged dancers may be far out of reach, but you know what’s accessible? A view of everyone’s butt. Seriously, there are some nice butts on these angels.
  4. “Large Spindle Piece” by Henry Moore – The curves. The hole. The pointed bit. Is it about sex? The artist may argue otherwise, but I see a lot of unresolved tensions here.

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