WKCO Profiles: Bless Your Heart with Sarah Blair Jenkins

When Sarah isn't busy DJing, she enjoys hiking and communing with nature.

When Sarah isn’t busy DJing, she enjoys hiking and communing with nature.

I had the pleasure of sitting down (albeit virtually) with the talented Sarah Blair Jenkins ’13 to talk (email) about her radio show on Kenyon’s own WKCO.

Tell me a little about your show. What influences your DJ-decisions? 

I host “Bless Your Heart” Radio Hour from 3-4pm on Wednesday afternoons. I play bluegrass/country/folk/rockabilly/alt-country/blues; any sort of southern or southern-influenced music.

Where are you from, in the real world? Has your hometown influenced your taste in music?
I’m from Flat Rock, North Carolina, a small, rural town (we have one-stop light–but Carl Sandburg lived there and had a goat farm!) 40 minutes outside of Asheville, North Carolina (best city in the world: fact). Western North Carolina has absolutely influenced my taste in music–it’s such an amazing area for bluegrass, both older stuff and contemporary. Growing up I went to a lot of bluegrass festivals and concerts; my parents go to Merlefest every year in Wilkesboro, NC which was orchestrated every year by the late Doc Watson, an old-time bluegrass banjo god. I try and go with them every year I can.
Have you ever gotten any especially bizarre requests?
In terms of requests, this guy Randon Hawaiianson calls in to request Shania Twain sometimes. I also got an anonymous caller who asked if I “could play that guy who [their] grandparents listen to on the radio.” I also have had professors call in and once, even a parent of a prospective student, just calling to say they like the show.
Dream guest?
Dream guest: it’s a three-way tie with John Prine, Levon Helm, and Emmylou Harris. But I wouldn’t say no to having Taylor Swift as a guest.
Anything else you’d like to share?
Anything else I’d like to share…I’ve learned everything I know about music from my dad Carlton. He knows more about music, especially bluegrass, blues, and country, then anyone I’ve ever met. I still call him before most of my shows and ask what I should play. He once texted me after a show, “Ralph Stanley singing White Light/White Heat [Velvet Underground cover] can make your brain explode.” And he’s so right [ed. LISTEN TO THIS IT IS AMAZING]: 
Also, one time my friend was listening from Antarctica! So WKCO global streaming is truly global.

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