Drunk or Weird?


Have you ever come home to your dorm room on a drizzly Wednesday night to find your roommate bundled up in blankets with rhinestones stuck to her cheek eating a pint of ice cream with a fork, letting the ice cream melt all over her face and hands while she stares blankly into her blank computer screen? In this oddly specific set of circumstances, what’s your verdict? Is your roommate drunk or just weird? Here are a few situations that could go either way. It’s up to you to decide.

You see a friend attempting to perform a site-specific dance on the stairs outside Mather in the dark of night. Drunk or Weird?

You observe someone zig-zagging through the market singing Justin Timberlake songs. Drunk or Weird?

Your friend is clumsily riding their bike by starlight down a dead-end street while simultaneously trying to have an emotional processing session with you. Drunk or Weird?

You come home to find your roommate painting her toenails black while also eating a kiwi and playing Neopets games. Drunk or Weird?

You find your friend down by Sunset Point. They are attempting to talk with the birds and make a snow angel during 70 degree weather. Drunk or Weird?

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