So Let’s Talk About The 80’s


“K80s is an alumni-driven, social-media centered effort to connect Kenyon College students of the 1980s to each other, to do more than reminisce — to expand our Kenyon experience to something meaningful today.”

I have a theory about Kenyon, you either love it or you hate it.  There is something about this place that drives people to have strong emotions about this little castle on a hill.  I think that it what drives people to want to stay here forever (except for the 30-something Professors who would just prefer to be elsewhere). This is why I was not in the least bit surprised when I found the Kenyon in the 80s group known as k80s (apparently pronounced “Katies” which seems ridiculous but whatever). I’ll start by letting one of their promotional videos speak for itself:

Let me just say, the production value on that video is through the roof.  I can’t wait to do this when my time at Kenyon is 30 years in the past.  What will the video for the k80s group and their upcoming SAIEW reunion (SAIEW stands for “Same As It Ever Was,” for those of you that don’t know it’s a nod to this man and this band and this song) look like when it’s k10s?  I can’t see us not having the same love of Kenyon that these alums do. The group started on Facebook trying to get Kenyon alums from the 80s to get together, and quickly grew to over 1,700 members.

On a far less important note, k80s has some super hokey videos too, but hey it’s Kenyon so I love it.

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  1. There are gonna be a TON of people at this gathering in for a big shock when they walk into the book store (assuming they haven’t been back in the last five years or so…) It’s the only change on campus I really can’t stand.


    wow this is genuinely just the best. their love for kenyon is so dorky and endearing and sweet, i’m obsessed.

  3. THANK YOU for the wonderful write-up and comments. I am the producer of both videos above, and founder of the long-defunct KCTV (Kenyon College Television) which was the ancestor of The Thrill. We didn’t have the internet when we were kids! 30 Emmys later, I just want to be a student again. DON’T. WASTE. ONE. MINUTE.

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