Weekend Drink: Shock Your Mom


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It’s time for that weird almost-naked party in Gund Commons! Some have been planning their witty costumes for weeks, and some will just put on a bathing suit and strut on over. It’s a traditional night of weirdness here at Kenyon College, and to aid you in shocking your moms, here’s a drink:

  • Fry one egg. This can be done in any kitchen on campus, or you can purchase one at the Deli. Place the egg in the bottom of a mug.*
  • Pour one shot of absinthe over the egg. The egg will soothe the sting of the absinthe, and you’ll get some pretty color combinations going on.
  • Add the feather of one peacock, for decorative and spiritual purposes.
  • Fill with warm milk.
  • Top with cinnamon.

*In the spirit of Shock Your Mom, we’d like to note that eggs are reminiscent of boobs.

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