Make It A Drinking Game: Duck Duck [Grey] Goose

duck duck drink

Happy Weekend

Still trying to forget the amount of ass-cheekery you saw last Saturday? Join the club. Fortunately we’re here to help. Leave Beer Pong and Flip Cup to the fools, we got your weekend covered—old school. Put that kiddie-shit childhood to use for some new games. Duck, Duck, DRINK.I mean goose.

Step 1: Make a tight circle. Kudos if you’re drunk geometry doesn’t translate this into a deranged octagon.

Step 2: Select a “gooser”. See “dodgepong” on how to select victim #1.

Step 3: Give it the old college try. Run around the circle several times and peg yourself some pansys. Each time you get goosed take one shot and adopt the role of the gooser. Every time the gooser goes ass over tea kettle, he/she must take two shots.

Happy Goosing.

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