Where Was It Said: The Health Center Or In Bed?


Hello folks, back again with another installment of the ever-popular entendre-filled “Where Was It Said” series. Innuendo? More like inyourendo, amirite? This week we apply our euphemismagic to the Kenyon Health Center. Read on!

• No need to take your pants off

• Could you tell me how long those spots have been there?

• No, you don’t take this one orally.

• You should avoid operating heavy machinery when you’re on this one.

• Don’t worry about it, this one’s over the counter.

• I’d feel more comfortable with a man for this one.

• This is your eighth time here this semester.

• Are you sure you’re not faking this to get out of more work?

• Will I be able to work out after I take this?

• Say ahh!

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