Where the Wild Things Are: Sendoff Fashion

Someone’s Ready for Sendoff

Anything goes when it comes to Sendoff Fashion! The outfits I have witnessed run the gamut, from floral wreaths and paint-splattered cut-offs to wayfarers and lax pinnies. Selecting the quintessential SendOff Outfit involves 3 key components:

1. Clutch Accessories. No Sendoff outfit is complete without a pair of sunnies, especially those of the Aviator or Wayfarer variety. I’d recommend wearing your Cheapies, i.e. the free ones the SAO usually hands out, or “Put a Croakie on it” should you choose to wear an expensive pair. As someone who had a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers taken and later lost at a music festival (BIG mistake on my part- I still cringe to this day), I would advise you take a page from the Frat Star/Grandparents Handbook and wear croakies. If you’re all about that colorful, “Flower Child/Pucci-esque” motif, I’m digging this pair from Quay.

2. Protection from the Elements, i.e. Beer, Rain, and Wind. The Kenyon Community sports some serious Patagonia swag and lucky for y’all, Patagonia’s 50% Off Sale is currently underway! The classic Snap-T Pullovers and Torrentshell Jackets are great for when the occasional raindrop (KNOCK ON WOOD, IT DOES NOT RAIN) falls or when the temperature drops in the evening during Grouplove’s performance. Online outfitters such as the Moosejaw Outlet offer other options by Patagonia and brands such as Mountain Hardware, Marmot, and North Face for up to 70% off. Mind-blowing.

3. Long-Lasting Performance. Can your outfit go from class to the Cove in one fell swoop? Can your outfit survive sweat stains, beer spills, and a nap in the grass? If so, check Yes for Long-Lasting Performance. In terms of Long-Lasting Performance, wearing a jersey, maxi dress has its benefits. Why? Built-in sleeping bag. Napping in maxi means you can nap anytime, anyplace, ANYWHERE! All of that extra fabric will keep both you and your potential snuggle buddy warm.

Just remember though, Kenyon Kampers, Sendoff is the one day you will lose your shit. Literally. The day after Sendoff, your inbox will be flooded with AllStu’s of the “RE: LOST JACKET AND PHONE!” variety. If you can’t afford to lose it, don’t use it. Stay safe and have fun, y’all.

Words of Sendoff Wisdom.

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