Do It Tonight: Steubenville to Gambier

Taken from The New York TImes


This incredibly significant event–hosted by Kappa Sigma Alpha, POV, and the Sexual Misconduct Advisors–will be addressing the issue of rape, specifically the recent Steubenville rape case, and the implications of how young people and students should be educated on the topic of sexual misconduct and rape in general. The discussion will also emphasize Kenyon’s relationship to sexual assault  and how the campus can become a safer place with regards to sexual misconduct. This event is extremely applicable to the student body and will have great impact on Kenyon’s campus as whole. There will also be free homemade cookies.

  • What: Steubenville to Gambier: How Our Culture Defines and Reacts to Sexual Misconduct
  • Where: The Horn Gallery
  • When: Tuesday April 30th at 7:00pm

One response

  1. The necessity of the conversation is evident even in the way the organizers and the Thrill advertise it. The conversation that needs to be had is about RAPE CULTURE. People get uncomfortable about using this language; that’s part of the problem. It’s easy to talk about personal space and respecting boundaries, about the value of SMA’s and the counseling center. It’s a lot harder to convince people that Kenyon’s drunk hook-up culture constitutes rape culture, because intoxication nullifies both verbal and nonverbal consent. Call a spade a spade.

    Hopefully people may find this piece from the Kenyon Observer blog useful:

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