“I Haik-You”: First-Year Musings in Haiku Form



It’s the end of the year, and everyone’s getting nostalgic — what better way to channel those emotions than with the ancient art of haiku? Here, the first-year Thrill writers have offered up their “5-7-5” perspectives on Kenyon life — pick your favorite in the comments!
From Claire Berman ’16 —
Slug hunting at the

BFEC. Please, oh please can we
drink the beer instead?
From Anna Coppelman ’16 —
From a nowhere town

To a somewhere school, nowhere
Bubble, Ohio
From Reed Dickerson ’16 —
Here at Kenyon I
Live by a single idea
From Matt Delbridge ’16 —
Sun splits the branches

Caresses the stone facade
Laughs with the students
From Eamon Levesque ’16 —
jesus christ oh lord

dear god where the hell am i

no more vodka pong

From Jack Quigley ’16 —
Freshman year’s a blur
Kenyon is my second home
Caples here I come
And another one from Jack —
I am too tired
I cannot write a haiku
It’s nap time, goodbye
Finally, from Annaliese Milano ’16 —
Old Kenyon parties
Pick-up lines out the wazoo
Hey girl, I haik-you.

9 responses

  1. Most of these kids can’t write a proper Haiku.
    You write/read with a pause after each line.
    You can’t end with I or start a line with the last word form the previous sentence…

    • what happened to creativity? breaking the status quo? aren’t the rules of poetry meant to be tampered with? who are we if we do not even try to change the world?????

    • Haiku also must be about the seasons, if you’re going with “proper,” and have a specific set of rules that are outright ignored in popular English use. Know your shit before you correct others.

  2. Monday morning haiku critcs? Don’t you people have something better to occupy your time? I mean, really, nobody likes a pretentious know-it-all.

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